Sunday, March 11, 2007

South America’s resurgent left is a threat to liberty

Olavo de Carvalho has published an article on "Brookesnews" on the blindness of America towards the real role of Brazilian President Lula da Silva and the Latin American left. A must.

South America’s resurgent left is a threat to liberty

Olavo de Carvalho


Monday 5 March 2007

Since my arrival in this hospitable country in May 2005, I have been trying to explain to Americans that Lula would never be able — much less willing — to help them to stop Hugo Chavez. I have spread this obvious truth in lectures delivered to audiences of politicians, journalists, strategical analysts and intelligence experts. Though some of them agree with me, the prevalent opinion remains unaltered: Lula is America’s best hope in Latin America. Even now that attorney-general Alberto Gonzales had to swallow an explicit refusal from the Brazilian government to serve as a muzzle for the Venezuelan mad dog, nobody from Washington has admitted that the Brazilian fruitcake hidden somewhere in the Virginian brushwood was right after all.


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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Examples of Bias in Wikipedia by Conservapedia

I came across this site, called "conservapedia" that wants to be a reliable source of free information on the internet.

The cause is that Wikipedia is overloaded with bias. Liberal , anti-american and anti-christian bias, that makes it ommit facts and distort definitions.

Here is a brief list of Bias in Wikipedia.

Examples of Bias in Wikipedia
From Conservapedia

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The growing list of examples of bias and errors on Wikipedia. Please add to this, and also contribute entries to Conservapedia


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