Sunday, September 18, 2005

Marx was an antiphilosopher and a logophobic

Here's some short transcripts from the Austrian-American philosopher Eric Voegelin on Karl Marx

In " From Enlightenment to Revolution" , Voegelin says:

"The historic function o Karl Marx was the creation of a formidable system of doctrine that could serve as a Sacred Scripture for the apostolate and this function overshadows by far his performances as an organizer."

In " The Voegelinian Revolution" he detailed what was the methodology used to write Marx's "Sacred Scriptures"

"When Marx says that his rational dialectics(of materialism) stands Hegelian dialectics on its feet, he does not correctly describe what his is doing. Before the actual inversion begins, he has done something much more fatal: he has abolished Hegel problem of reality... He has by this act abolished the philosophical approach to the problem of reality on principle. The Marxian position is not anti-Hegelian, it is anti philosophical; Marx does not put Hegel dialectic on its feet, he refuses to theorize...

Did Marx know what he was doing? If we turn to this early work, we find that Marx has an excellent understanding of Hegel problem of reality but preferred to ignore it. Marx understood Hegel perfectly well... Was Marx being intellectual dishonest?

As the editor of Marx early writing phrased the matter; 'Marx – if we may express ourselves in this manner – misunderstood Hegel as-it-were deliberately.' They do not dare outrightly call Marx an intellectual faker...

After all, Marx was not a common swindler... Unless we want to give up at his point, we must transfer the problem to the level of pneumapathology. Marx was spiritually diseased and we have localized the most glaring symptom of his disease, that is, his fear of critical concepts and of philosophy in general.. We shall coin the term "logophobia" for this symptom...

The Marxian spiritual disease.. consists in the self-divinization and self-salvation of man,; an intra mundane logos. What appeared on the level of symptoms as antiphilosophism and logophobia, must etiologically be understood as the revolt of immanent consciousness against the spiritual order of the world. This is the core of the Marxian idea."


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LA, postei no meu blog um texto sobre essas valiosas considerações de Voegelin. Obrigada por elas! Beijão!

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