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Soviet Operations: Chile

Some information from Ladislav Bittman's "The KGB and Soviet Disinfornation" on Chile (pages 204-205).


"Even more interesting than the International Peace Research Institute is the Institute for Policy Studies, a research organization described by Rael Jean Isaac as an “enormous intelligence operation practicing both covert action and subversion. It is itself an adaptation of the multinational corporation, and serves as an ‘imperial’ nerve center, with endless subsidiary operations that in turn influence and shape a whole series of ostensibly independent groups.” Isaac argues that the institute perceives no distinction between research and political action. “Major targets of IPS have been [U.S.] government intelligence agencies for their spying, covert action, and subversion; the Corporation, especially the multinational corporation; and US. imperialism.” These targets and long-term objectives obviously coincide with the goals of active measures conducted by the Soviet bloc against the United States. 


Is there convincing evidence of a connection between Communist intelligence and the institute? Radical leftist bias does not mean, of course, that most Fellows serve on the KGB payroll and that every IPS research study is inspired and approved by the KGB. The influence is more subtle. 

The case of Orlando Letelier, a former Chilean foreign minister who served in the Allende government, lived as a political exile in the United States, and worked as Director of the Transnational Institute (the international arm of the Institute for Policy Studies) can serve as an example. 

In September 1976, Letelier and an IPS staff member named Roni Moffrtt were assassinated in Washington. D.C., by Chilean secret agents. Documents found in his briefcase and his apartment revealed that Letelier had received a lump sum and regular payments of $1,000 a month from Cuba through Beatriz Allende Fernandez, the wife of a Cuban intelligence officer. An internal memorandum dated September 9, 1976, by Transnational Institute suggested that this sensitive fact should not be entered on the books. Although the institute explained later that these funds had been collected by the Chilean Socialist party in Western Europe and deposited in Havana, the explanation is not convincing. From documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, Accuracy in Media Report offers this analysis of the Letelier case: 

FBI intercepts of telephone conversations between Letelier and Julian Rizo, then Castro’s top intelligence agent in the US. , revealed that Letelier had been asked to arrange meetings for Rizo with the Institute for Policy Studies’ people. Moreover, at the time he was killed, Letelier was about to depart on a trip to Cuba, and he was carrying in his briefcase a letter from one of his IPS associates, Saul Landau, to be delivered to a friend in Cuba.“ 

Accuracy in Media Report’s analysis of the connection between the Institut for Policy Studies and Cuban intelligence has been ignored or pushed aside h most American mass media as a product of new McCarthyism". 

Soviet Operations in Portugal

The role of Portuguese Communist  Party as a Soviet proxy during the Carnation Revolution years in Portugal, according to former Czech agent Ladislav Bittman in his book "The KGB and the Soviet Disinformation" - pages  41-42.

"Nevertheless, the Soviets suffered a series of setbacks in their worldwide offensive during the 1970s. In Western Europe, Portugal emerged as the key Soviet target country. After the coup by General Antonio de Spinola’s military junta in 1974, Alvaro Cunhal, the Secretary General of the small but well disciplined pro-Moscow Communist party, became a minister without portfolio in the new government. The Soviets hoped that the Portuguese Communist party would gradually gain dominant inliuence and the country would be- some loosely associated with the Soviet bloc. Permission to establish military bases in Portugal would give the Kremlin a major strategic advantage vis-a-vis the United States and Western Europe. Squeezed and threatened by the Soviets from two sides, the remainder of non-Communist Europe would live under growing psychological and political stress and eventually break completely with the United States. Despite intensive diplomatic maneuvering and massive covert Operations, the Soviets were unable to divert Portugal’s align. ment with the West. In Africa, the Soviets show a mixed balance sheet of successes and failures. With the help of East European satellites and Cuba, they expanded their influence in Angola, EthiOpia, and Mozambique, but they suffered major setbacks in Sudan, Somalia, and particularly Egypt, once considered the key to controlling North Africa and the Middle East. Amerilcan defeat in Vietnam and the Communist coup in Cambodia appeared for a time as another Soviet victory, but Pol Pot’s bloody regime preferred China to the Soviet Union as its major protector. The Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia in 1978 resolved the problem but imposed additional pressure on the 
Soviet economy". 

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South America’s resurgent left is a threat to liberty

Olavo de Carvalho has published an article on "Brookesnews" on the blindness of America towards the real role of Brazilian President Lula da Silva and the Latin American left. A must.

South America’s resurgent left is a threat to liberty

Olavo de Carvalho


Monday 5 March 2007

Since my arrival in this hospitable country in May 2005, I have been trying to explain to Americans that Lula would never be able — much less willing — to help them to stop Hugo Chavez. I have spread this obvious truth in lectures delivered to audiences of politicians, journalists, strategical analysts and intelligence experts. Though some of them agree with me, the prevalent opinion remains unaltered: Lula is America’s best hope in Latin America. Even now that attorney-general Alberto Gonzales had to swallow an explicit refusal from the Brazilian government to serve as a muzzle for the Venezuelan mad dog, nobody from Washington has admitted that the Brazilian fruitcake hidden somewhere in the Virginian brushwood was right after all.


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Examples of Bias in Wikipedia by Conservapedia

I came across this site, called "conservapedia" that wants to be a reliable source of free information on the internet.

The cause is that Wikipedia is overloaded with bias. Liberal , anti-american and anti-christian bias, that makes it ommit facts and distort definitions.

Here is a brief list of Bias in Wikipedia.

Examples of Bias in Wikipedia
From Conservapedia

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The growing list of examples of bias and errors on Wikipedia. Please add to this, and also contribute entries to Conservapedia


Add Photos /&/amp; Videos NP NowPublic

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Friday, January 19, 2007

US democracy in danger

It was Olavo de Carvalho that told my about this project of law on his radio show.
Now I found it on now public.

outfit called is reporting that the U.S. Senate
is considering legislation that would require political bloggers with
readership over 500 to register as lobbyists. If they fail to register,
they could face criminal penalties up to one year in jail.


I went to GrassrootsFreedom and found more:

In the first few days of the new session of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and big Washington insiders such as Public Citizen and Common Cause will try to silence critics by regulating us through quarterly reports to Congress. Failure to report would result in civil and potential criminal penalties.


But - thanks God - it seems that this menace is over. Read here.

“The 55 – 43 vote in the United States Senate to approve the Bennett Amendment to strip the grassroots provisions from the lobbying reform bill, S. 1, which also passed, is a critical first victory in the battle to protect the rights of citizens to petition their government.

“Citizens, small nonprofit organizations, and the First Amendment itself were the victors, thanks to conservative-liberal efforts. Special credit, however, must be given to conservative citizens, grassroots organizations, and bloggers who were the first ones to point out that the grassroots provisions in Section 220 of S. 1 were being misrepresented by a few large, wealthy, liberal Washington-based special interest groups.


Yes, but all policital blogger, specially the conservative ones have to take care, because it will not be the last resort. There´ll be another attempt to crush the freedom od speech.

Why? Because with internet citizens are scrutinizing the news they were used to swallow without blink. All the majors news outlets are liberal. They always had the monopoly of the news.. But then, conservatives appeared. Radio, books, newspapers (of course) but mainly on the internet.
Remember who impeded Kerry to win on 2004 elections? Who un-masked Dan Rather??
That´s why they will try it again and again.
It seems that democracy in the US is starting to dance to the same rythm from Latin America and other totalitarian countries.
That´s why I signed the petition at Grassroots page. Do the same

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Um verdadeiro herói cubano / A True Cuban Hero: Ramón Velásquez & Family

Aviso: Este artigo é em três línguas: português, inglês e espanhol.

Warning: This article is in three languages: portuguese, english and spanish.


A mensagem é importante demais. Enquanto toda a mídia está preocupada com a saúde de Castro (Kasstro), com reportagens que transpiram uma simpatia quase criminosa para com o ditador (chamado de "presidente"), um verdadeiro herói cubano e sua história e sua história são quase esquecidos.

O herói chama-se Ramón Velásquez Toranso e sua família.

Que, nadando contra a maré vermelha, começaram uma caminhada em protesto contra as violações dos direitos humanos em Cuba. Mas não foi em Miami ou em outro lugar civilizado. Ele e sua família estão realizando a façanha em Cuba mesmo. Bem diante do nariz morimbundo de Castro.

Isso sim é peito! E coragem. A caminhada de Ramon já iniciou várias vezes (impedidos várias vezes desde dezembro/06) parte de Santiago de Cuba até Havana.

Reiniciou novamente no dia 14/01 como mostrado nesta reportagem de Cubanet.

Ah, se as centenas de esquerdistas brasileiros tão corajosos quanto um, digamos, José Genoíno, chegassem aos pés deste cidadão - este sim um verdadeiro cidadão - e sua família. Se houvessem mais, não haveria tantos ditadores neste mundo.

Peço aos bloggers nacionais e estrangeiros que apoiem esta causa!

Eis a notícia.


This message is important too much to get unnoticed. While all MSM
is worried about Castro´s (Kasstro) health, with a mix of sympathy and
respect to a bloody dictator (is always good to remember that Castro
killed more than 20.000 people and is called "president" while some
other dictators that killed less than 400 is labelled as "dictator"), a
true Cuban hero and his story are almost forgot.

The hero is Ramón Velásquez Toranso and his family.

Them, that are really "swimming against the red tide", started a
journey protesting against the human rights violations in Cuba. But it
was not in Miami or another civilized place. They are doing it in Cuba,
well under Castro´s (dead) nose.

This is courage! Ramon´s journey has started many times due to the
impedings acts from police. They re-started again in 01/14. They are
going from Santiago de Cuba to La Habana.

I ask all bloggers, english /&/amp; spanish speakers to support them.
Castrianism has gave me some banners to put on our weblogs. Use them
and spread this news!

Here´s the news in spanish and a link to google with all references to the journey


Desde Cuba - Disidencia Por Félix Reyes Gutiérrez (*)

Cubanet/Noticuba Internacional

Ranchuelo, 17 de enero del 2007

El periodista independiente Ramón Velásquez, su esposa e hija,reanudaron la Marcha por la Unidad Nacional el 14 de enero en la ciudad de Camagüey. La marcha se realiza para reclamar la libertad de

los presos políticos.

Según Roberto Marrero, miembro del Partido Demócrata de Camagüey, yFidel Palacio Torres, del Movimiento 24 de Febrero, recién incorporados a la marcha, la actividad contestataria se reinició en

el kilómetro 440 de la carretera central.

La marcha, que comenzó el pasado 10 de diciembre en el santuario delCobre, Santiago de Cuba, con el propósito de llegar hasta la capitaldel país, ha sido obstaculizada en varias ocasiones por la policía

política. Velázquez declaró que el recorrido también tiene como objetivo cohesionar a la oposición cubana a través de toda la nación.

La joven de 18 años, Rufina Velázquez, que participa en la marcha junto a sus padres, declaró: "Nuestra familia se ha preparado para afrontar las dificultades que se presenten durante la caminata,

porque se trata de un acto pacífico".

(*) Miembro de la Agencia Cubanacán Press

Um verdadeiro herói cubano / A true Cuban Hero: Ramón Velásquez /&/amp; Family Um verdadeiro herói cubano / A true Cuban Hero: Ramón Velásquez /&/amp; Family

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heritage X Sao Paulo Forum

Sao Paulo forum is news! Finally!

Everywhere, but Brazil... Brazilian people are being blinded by the media that :

a) Such organization does not exist (during last 10 years they shouted it)

b) Yes, it exists, but is just a debate forum (since 2005 and the XI edtion in Brazil that was kicked-off by Lula himself)

Here's another proof:

China's newspaper covering decisions on the 4th day of the forum. Yes, it was predictable that Foro Boys will endorse One-China policy, but what call my attention was this excerpt

At the four-day forum, the representatives discussed the integration of the Latin American and Caribbean region and maintained that the "primary goal" of the new integration pattern was to "seek well-being and dignity for Latin American countries and people."


It's a fallacy! I just commented that Foro Index of Economic Freedom, based on Heritage "Index of Economic Freedom" showed what drives LA and other leftist regimes to fail: the lack of economic freedom!
Here's the customized Foro de Sao Paulo Economic Freedom Index.
  1. Uruguai (33)
  2. Nicarágua (61)
  3. Brazil (70)
  4. Argentina (95)
  5. Equador (108)
  6. Bolívia (111)
  7. Venezuela (144)
  8. Cuba (156)
Are they interested in "seek well-being and dignity"?
Give freedom the their people! It is simple.

China, for example, is a puzzle. They achieved the world's largest development rate in the recent years. What can China teach to her Foro friends? Economic Freedom, of course, maintaining her communism intact.
But not.
China came to Foro to "talk" on one-China policy...
It is obvious that China came here to see the recent developments of Latin America revolution...

Thanks to new zeal

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Heritage top ten most economically free countries

Here's the list of the last edition of "Index of Economic Freedom". Top ten countries are:
  1. Honk Kong
  2. Cingapura
  3. Austrália
  4. United States
  5. New Zealand
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Ireland
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Switzerland
  10. Canada
Brazil is the 70th most "free" economic and her friends from Foro de Sao Paulo are even worst.

While they shrink the economic freedom day by day, increasing unemployment, subsidies, welfare politics, they do it blaming on the "new-liberalism" and the "imperialism of USA"...
That's ridiculous...

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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Bloody History of Communism 1

Communism was the bloodiest ideology that caused more than 120 million innocent deaths in the 20th century. It was a nightmare which promised equality and justice, but which brought only bloodshed, death, torture and fear. This three-volume documentary displays the terrible savagery of communism and its underlying philosophy. From Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, discover how the materialist philosophy transforms humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.